Programmatic API

If you want to allow your users to download videos as mp3 or edit mp3s (cuttin/trimming) you can use our straightforward URL-api to seamlessly get them started.

API usage

The api is simple to use and only requires one queryparam url and an optional queryparam filename to set the resulting filename.

Base URL is and must be GET with queryparams urlencoded.

Queryparam Description
url required, The URL to the video/audio file in question. Must be reachable by our server.
filename optional, will be the resulting filename of the converted/edited mp3.
The extension .mp3 does not have to be included, and if included won't become double ".mp3.mp3".

Single URL helper

If you want to provide/send a single link to convert/edit the mp3, you can use the below form.

Resulting link: (Click to copy to clipboard)
Fill in valid URL above


url is:
filename should be: Big Buck Bunny.mp3
The API link is then: