Audio files supported by our tool

With our tool you can also convert almost any audio file to mp3, and of course cut and trim as needed.

Thanks to our smart converting logic, you can also convert many audio formats to mp3 without needing to install any softwar on your computer.

Supported formats for converting audio to mp3


The oldschool wav format is large and bulky, and even if devices nowadays come with large storages, there is no need to store excess data to no use.

Instead you can simply convert your wav files to mp3 with our tool and save up to 90% space for each file


WMA is a popular audio format that is known for better quality compared to other highly compressed audio files. Since its inception, WMA has grown to support other audio file types beyond compressed files. Despite this success, however, few programs support this file format. If for instance, you playing music on an mp3 file supported player you will be forced to convert your WMA file it a more accessible file format this you can achieve through our tools.


Our converter can convert any audio file to any format of your choice. Talkin of OGG format, this an Ogg Vorbis compressed audio file that was developed for holding storing audio data. It is not that popular among users but it is known for its feature; it can usually be reduced in size. For its unpopularity, however, finding the right player can be challenging we recommend converting the file to formats such as mp3 for easy playing.


An audio file with an m4r extension is outright an iTune Rightone file. These file formats are specifically designed for use as custom ringtones on iPhones. Some are protecting while others are not. Unprotected files can be played on players such as VLC and probably more but go through the hustle of knowing which player plays m4r file and which does not? The easiest way is converting the file into your desired format using the our converter.


AAC is essentially similar to mp3 but in addition to this, it possesses extra features such that it cuts out information that can be perceived by the human ear, therefore making AAC file smaller and manageable as compared to an mp3 file. It generally offers a quality sound than most audio files but if you prefer having it in a different format, our converter is the right online tool for the job.


Also known as the adaptive multi-rate audio file format this form of formatting was specifically designed for speed coding. AMR format is usually used in phones to store short audio recordings. In this regard, the format mostly plays on mobile phones and is not supported by most players. For easy distribution our converting tool allows you to convert any AMR audio file to any format you may like.

flac lossless files

Our converting tool converts Flac audio files keeping the original quality as intact as possible. Flac file tends to be heavy and occupy a lot of space the remedy to this challenge is our converter. It quickly and easily does the converting job very fast, saving space on your hard drive. This is the tool to go for, for your all media conversion tasks.


When you encounter an AIFF audio file format it often means it is an uncompressed file format suggesting that this file is large in size. Converting the AIFF file to let’s say MP3 you should note the difference in size. This file format can be opened with windows and other media players but often not compatible with portable music players and for this reason, you need the best converter for the job.


Do you want to convert a video file into an audio format? Our converter gives you the best options out the with this converter you can convert a video into being an MP3 format or you can as well convert an mp3 file format into any other supported audio formats. you don’t need anything with the audio/ video file link you can do the conversion through a click on a button.