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Supported formats for converting video to mp3

MP4 files

First introduced in 2001 mp4 gained popularity and in 2003 it took on the then-popular quick time format and improved on it to one of the most used video formats. One challenge with mp4 is it gives a lower definition compared to other formats with that, you may want to convert your mp4 file format to an mp3 file format our tool is here to help you.

Audio Video Interlaced (AVI)

AVI roots date back to 1992 and it was first introduced into the market by Microsoft. One shortcoming with this video file format is that it holds large files and requires lots of space. For instance, AVI holds 25GB of 60 minutes of play, this is a lot of files size right! With our tool you can compress this size into small formats to save on space.

Flash Video - the (FLV) format

The FLV has been around for some time and is largely used for streaming video on websites that correspond to Google and YouTube videos. Our tool lets you easily convert an FLV format videos to MP4 format or MP3 to correspond with the most commonly available video players in the market. This tool provides you with quality conversion and it is optimized for high quality.


Got lots of 3gpp videos you will like converted? With our converter you can readily convert your 3gpp video to MP4, MOV, DVD compatible formats and more. The 3gpp format was largely designed for third generation mobile phones, things have rapidly changed and these phones are being phased out. Our video converter comes at hand to help you convert a video in this format to other formats that match with modern trendy phones.

Quicktime format

Quicktime is a popular format boosting features such good picture quality and is ideal for web transmission. However despite the popularity QuickTime is not a universal media player, it only supports MOV, DV, 3G2, and 3GP. Additionally, it holds large files only comparable to streamable formats. The challenge arises when for instance you want to play a windows media video file in QuickTime, apparently, you will need to convert it. Our tool offers you a solution to this.

Windows Media Video (WMV)

WMV was first introduced in 1999 by Microsoft to work with their ASF container format. The file format works well with windows or even Mac but only with the help of a windows player. In the recent times, the format has fallen out in popularity among users however you can convert this file format into mp4 file format with our converter. With this tool, you can literally watch whatever video you want on your device.


MPEG comes as the number one standard video format for making video CDs, however when it comes to video quality MPEG is left on the sun by other file formats. In fact, some DVDs do not support VCD playback. As such when you encounter a video in this file format you will definitely want to convert it. Our online converter is the right tool to do the job, this a powerful tool to manage all your media files.